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How to Build a 6-Figure Consultancy by Creating Organic Content with Ben Nabers

Ben Nabers is an entrepreneur, business consultant, and soccer coach who has trained thousands of players of the course of his decade long career. He’s also built a successful consultancy that teaches other sports coaches how to build their own business.

On this episode, Adam and Ben discuss the specific growth playbook he’s used to build his business and how he’s used organic content creation to drive leads. Enjoy!

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How Bellhops is Disrupting a $18 Billion Industry with Cam Doody and Eric Nalbone

Bellhops is an 8 year old startup that arranges simple, stress-free moving services for customers, while driving their competition insane.

Since being founded in 2011, Bellhops has raised $51 million to fund their effort of dominating an industry as old as our economy: moving services. On this episode, we talk to President Cam Doody and Head of Marketing Eric Nalbone, about how digital is allowing Bellhops to disrupt an $18 billion industry, and how they’re balancing the tension of brand building with direct response growth.

How To Build a Content Strategy

On this episode, we get into the step-by-step details of how to build a content strategy, and how to best create content as a result.

1. write down your companies values or pillars of truth

2. identify the “channels” where your customers spend their time

3. brainstorm creative create to create episodic content for each channel

4. deploy and scale via organic outreach, paid media, influencers, etc.

Creating a Digital Strategy Will Save Your Business Thousands

On this episode, we discuss why “strategy” isn’t a dirty word for entrepreneurs. In fact, going through the process of developing your digital strategy can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

4 steps to building a strategy:

  • Identify who your customer is and what they desire
  • Determine where your customer is spending their attention
  • Foster creative ideas to engage with your customer
  • Define objectives and goals that will determine success

TSS 059: How Startups Can Earn PR That Drives Real Business Results

On this episode, David Martin from Heed PR joins the show to discuss how B2B businesses can earn PR attention that drives real business results.

David is an experienced PR guru with experience earning headlines for brands like Bellhops, and has co-founded Heed alongside his wife Natalie. We discuss their experience co-founding a business together, why companies like Patagonia take PR risks, and offer practical steps for B2B companies to leverage PR in their favor.


On this final episode of our #VoiceFirst series, we talk with two entrepreneurs who are in the throes of building a voice first company. 

John Goss and Mark Phillips from Simplispoken sit down with Adam to discuss how they’re approaching building non-trivial infrastructure for voice, how to think about acting as a voice-first business, and the potential of voice first for small businesses. 

Building a Podcast Check-In w/ Santosh Sankar, Pt. 1

Santosh Sankar is a former guest of the pod and current podcast client of Strafire. He heads up Dynamo VC and is currently in mid-production of their brand new podcast. As such, we decided to capture a few snippets over time of how the process of creating a podcast is going, and what he likes/dislikes about it. If you’re in the throes of creating or are considering starting a pod… this one’s for you.

TSS 051: Founding FreightWaves & Blockchain in Transportation w/ Craig Fuller

On this episode, we interview the Founder and CEO of a white hot startup out of Chattanooga, TN called “Freight Waves.”

Craig Fuller founded the company after several tough failures and discusses his mindset in surviving the low times, building a successful media company, and how blockchain can be applied to the transportation industry.

TSS 049: Mental Health & Hustle w/ Carlos Whittaker

Carlos Whittaker is a man of many talents.

From starting a dot com, to earning a career as a renown musician, winning a People’s Choice Award, and now writing two best-selling books; Carlos has a diverse career background.

On this episode, we talk about what got him to where he is today, how he has explored his various interests, and how he important mental health is in a day of tech and information overload.

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