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Building a Podcast Check-In w/ Santosh Sankar, Pt. 1

Santosh Sankar is a former guest of the pod and current podcast client of Strafire. He heads up Dynamo VC and is currently in mid-production of their brand new podcast. As such, we decided to capture a few snippets over time of how the process of creating a podcast is going, and what he likes/dislikes about it. If you’re in the throes of creating or are considering starting a pod… this one’s for you.

TSS 051: Founding FreightWaves & Blockchain in Transportation w/ Craig Fuller

On this episode, we interview the Founder and CEO of a white hot startup out of Chattanooga, TN called “Freight Waves.”

Craig Fuller founded the company after several tough failures and discusses his mindset in surviving the low times, building a successful media company, and how blockchain can be applied to the transportation industry.

TSS 049: Mental Health & Hustle w/ Carlos Whittaker

Carlos Whittaker is a man of many talents.

From starting a dot com, to earning a career as a renown musician, winning a People’s Choice Award, and now writing two best-selling books; Carlos has a diverse career background.

On this episode, we talk about what got him to where he is today, how he has explored his various interests, and how he important mental health is in a day of tech and information overload.

Carlos’s Website

Carlos’s Podcast 

Kill The Spider

TSS 048: How He Generated $20 Million in Sales via LinkedIn

On this episode, we talk with Dennis Brown.

Dennis is an entrepreneur, author, and podcast host of the show “Growth Experts.”

After failing for nearly 10 years as a young entrepreneur, Dennis turned his career around and founded and sold two successful companies.

He walks us through how we went from his company’s worst sales person to generating over $20 million dollars in annual sales, and shares his advice for growing and selling your network on LinkedIn.


Dennis’s website
(^^get his book for free!)

TSS 046: Using Podcast Tours to Sell Your Biz

On this episode, we sit down with Erik Jacobson. Erik is the Founder and CEO of Be My Guest; a podcast PR agency that books publicity tours for authors, entertainers, celebrities, and CEOS.

Erik shares how he leveraged working for Tim Ferris to start his own business, and how any starter can use other people’s podcasts to their benefit.

Erik’s Company

TSS 045: From Weddings to the White House – The Gene Ho Story

On this episode, we talk to Gene Ho of Gene Ho Photography. 

Although he has many celebrity clients like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Darius, Rucker, Kevin Costner, and Matt Schaub, Gene is best known for his role as the photographer to Candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

We discuss how he built his career, and Gene tells the story of how he got the gig with the President by sneaking into an event (completely uninvited) to photograph Mr. Trump.

Check out his new book Trump-ography.

TSS 040 : Weekly Rundown Podcast Starts Revolution, Deadspin Controversy, & More

On this episode we discuss this past week’s news highlights, including:
Deadspin controversy 
Podcast helps overthrow a government
Amazon Facial Recognition Tech 
“Voce” bringing interactive notes to podcasts 
Airbnb Travel Stories 

Also, check out our co-host Nathan Kittrell’s brand new show! “The Growth Mode Podcast”

TSS 039: Becoming Influential – 4 steps that drove $5 million in sales w/ Josh Steimle

On this episode we discuss one CEO’s 4 step process to creating content and becoming an influencer.

Josh Steimle is the CEO of Influencer, Inc. and he shares how he built his company, has created content, and how becoming an industry influencer directly led to $5 million worth of sales.

Josh’s website: https://www.joshsteimle.com/

Josh’s company: https://www.influencerinc.co/

TSS 038: He Got His Dream Job on Twitter

On this episode we talk with my friend Chacho Valadez who went from selling phones to earning a job at Backstage Capital by using twitter.

Check out the incredible work Chacho and the team at Backstage are doing in the VC space.

Backstage Capital
Chacho’s Twitter 
Inc.com article on Chacho

Chacho Valadez was at home relaxing after his miserable job in phone sales when he picked up his phone and started engaging with his heroes on Twitter.

Chacho was determined to become a part of the Venture Capital world, and had the goal of providing more VC funding to LatinX entrepreneurs.

This is the unlikely story of how he connected with the founder of Backstage, Arlan Hamilton. Over time, Chacho and Arlan formed a relationship that led to him being hired in a part time (and eventually full time) capacity with Backstage.

Chacho discusses how it went down, what he’s learned, and his advice to folks aspiring to break into a tough field.


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