On this episode we talk with my friend Chacho Valadez who went from selling phones to earning a job at Backstage Capital by using twitter.

Check out the incredible work Chacho and the team at Backstage are doing in the VC space.

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Chacho’s Twitter 
Inc.com article on Chacho

Chacho Valadez was at home relaxing after his miserable job in phone sales when he picked up his phone and started engaging with his heroes on Twitter.

Chacho was determined to become a part of the Venture Capital world, and had the goal of providing more VC funding to LatinX entrepreneurs.

This is the unlikely story of how he connected with the founder of Backstage, Arlan Hamilton. Over time, Chacho and Arlan formed a relationship that led to him being hired in a part time (and eventually full time) capacity with Backstage.

Chacho discusses how it went down, what he’s learned, and his advice to folks aspiring to break into a tough field.